Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Introducing Lilly of the Valley Handmade Soap

Introducing our handmade shea butter soap in Lilly of the Valley fragrance.

This scent is light and refreshing! You will not regret washing your skin with this soap!

Below are some examples of some holiday packaging but this fragrance is one you will want to have available year round.

 Body Bars

Hand Soaps

If you would like to make a large order (a dozen or more), we can arrange a further discount.

If you are interested in purchasing our handmade soaps or inquiring about our soaps, please email us at liz_y_artur@hotmail.com and please provide the following information.
-Desired fragrance
-Number of bars you want
-Complete mailing address, including country
(Price of shipping/handling will depend on your location and weight of purchase.)

We will respond to your email promptly with a price quote and confirmation of your order.

**All payments are handled with PayPal.**

Light Rose
Soft Lavender
Vanilla Bean
Lilly of the Valley
(Other fragrances available upon request.)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Indulge yourself,
Liz & Delores


  1. Hello Liz!
    I'm now following your pure indulgence blog from my new blog too :)
    I hope you'll be posting some new handmade soaps soon! I hope your Mum will continue doing them :)
    Lots of love

  2. Dear Liz,

    I couldn't find a space to leave comments on your other blog, but I wanted very much to contact you and say how much I relate to your post titled "I'm back! Update!"

    I also crashed and burned on the 30bad diet, after really giving it my all and making numerous attempts to live as a 100% permanent LFRV. I put on about 25 pounds and ended up feeling lethargic and depressed. I have since learned that many, many people have negative experiences trying to make this diet work for them. In fact, I now believe that the long term success stories (people who have converted to this diet and lived on it 100% for more than five years) are almost nonexistent. You are in very good company.

    I wanted to applaud you for being wise enough and grounded enough to make the decision to listen to your own body over the 30bad dogma. When I began eating lean proteins again myself (over a year ago now), I couldn't believe how much better I felt. It was unbelievable - like night and day.

    I chronicled my experiences in moving away from veganism and the 30bad diet on my website, and I thought you would enjoy reading about what I went through and all of the amazing realizations I've come to along the way:


    A wonderful raw forum that's not dogmatic at all is Raw Vegan Talk. Many 30bad refugees have ended up there, and have bonded and compared notes. Amazing!


    Heather Mamatey